Gothikar Release Date

Exciting news on the publishing front: Gothikar will be for sale from online vendors tomorrow, January 14, 2014. This includes the Createspace store and the various Amazon websites! The next day, Wednesday, residents of Kelowna BC, or the Quinte West area in Ontario can buy the book in print, from either myself in BC or from my dad. Please email if you’re interested. Kindle has a different review process, so it may not be available until later in the week.

Business aside, I’m thrilled to be bringing the second book to readers. It’s an exciting story that was a lot of work to make, and I look forward to feedback! Here’s the synopsis from the back of the book:

Gothikar is the story of two men, a father and a son; a Prince and a Magician. Together, they will drive the Triumvirate into the crisis that unfolded during Shadow Glyph. They will be influenced by one another, but also by the future they cause.

The father fights a war of justice. A noble heart and wise mind is enough at first, but as the war stretches across decades, he finds himself drawn thin. Above all, he knows he must save the Triumvirate. When the cost for this is his life he can accept it, but when the price for its salvation becomes his soul the lines of what he should do and what he must do become blurred.

The son has his own war, one to destroy the Triumvirate. Raised by the cold war on the home front in his father’s absence, he will be offered chance after chance to save his soul. Unlike his father, he does not hesitate to sacrifice his morality for his cause. His father fights to save the government, while the son fights to undo it.

Gothikar is the tragedy of sacrifice and failure. One of these men’s struggles will be in vain. One of them will emerge victorious. One of them will destroy the Triumvirate.


Gothikar is in for editing now and should be returned to me within 4-5 weeks.  This unfortunately bumps us past our Christmas deadline.  I’ll say for certain though, that the book will be for sale during January.  Probably early January.

Either way, it’s quite exciting to think that a professional industry editor has my manuscript right now!  I’m looking forward to getting some feedback!

I’ll post a tentative cover design and synopsis this week sometime.

Book 2 is done!

Gothikar’s manuscript is done at last! The writing process is complete! 11:55 pm November 8th, 2013! This baby is tentatively 376 pages long (118136 words)!

Now to give it a quick reread and send it off for editing. I will provide an updated timeline of that process as soon as I submit it. When last I checked, they estimated it to be a 3-4 week process. Then I have to review the editing and review a proof print copy. I’ll provide an official release date as soon as I can.

Map Poster

As work on Book 2 continues, I have finally met the request for purchasable maps of Midgard.  Below is a link which will connect you to my deviantArt where you can order a print of the Dominion Map from Shadow Glyph, in a variety of sizes and styles.  I am really impressed with how this version of the map turned out, enough so as to add it as a possible header for the cycling header images here on Ithyka.  I think it adds some colour into the mix!

Click here to check it out.

London Symphony

I have been meaning to upload another story to my site for a while now, and finally have.  This is a story I wrote in Grade 12 Writer’s Craft, in admiration of Ayn Rand’s writings and my own interests in themes.  It is probably my favorite of my own short stories and I hope you guys enjoy it too.  Just click here to read London Symphony!


Never did get around to posting a second post about summer signings.  They all went well though.  However, in terms of getting Book 2 done this summer, things did not go well.

Do not fear!  In the past 3 weeks of university, I have written a lot!  I’m not sure that’s a good thing for school… but it’s great for books.  Be sure to follow my twitter account @NAVreugdenhil for page updates as I go.  Currently, page 156 of the son’s story and 60 of the father.