Book 4 is available!

I’m so excited to announce that Tiberon, the 4th and second last entry in the Shadow Glyph series is now completed and available!  You can buy it on Amazon or from me around the Belleville area.  My next event/book launch will be at Chapters in Belleville on January 9th!  Stay tuned for more info.

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Aristorn Available

New year’s resolution: write more on my website.  Write more on the blog.  Do stuff.

To start: BOOK 3 is OUT!  Aristorn, Shadow Glyph #3, is now available at the links listed at the bottom of this post.  I’m already writing book 4.  It seems that without the business of school, I’ve got some more brain power to put toward writing, and I hope to have book 4 done by at least the end of the year, if not sooner.  I’ll update here, sometime.  Promise.

Without further ado:

Aristorn Front CoverEveryone knows the tale of Akheron Gothikar, the first Gothikar to hold the seat of Prince in the Triumvirate of Midgard, a seat where once sat the great House Aristorn; later, he led the People’s Revolution that ended the Kinship of the Maker with fierce riots. He was the father of Periander and the grandfather of Artemys and Pyrsius.

 Herein lies Akheron’s true story, not the myth told by his admirers, enemies, and historians. It is the tale of a man who knows all men are sinful – himself, most of all.

 Aristorn is a journey full of criminals, abusers, wretches and corsairs; it is the darkest point in the Shadow Glyph series, the only depths wherein Akheron could find his salvation.


A huge thank you goes out to everyone who helped with this project.  Of course, within the book is a page-long acknowledgements.  But a special mention to James Vreugdenhil, my grandfather, editor and one of my biggest fans!  Thanks for the inspiration and the work! Also, the exceptional cover of Aristorn is the marvelous work of Debbie J. Smit; she had an image that worked much better than pixelated icy image I had planned to use–thanks!

Buy Aristorn from:

Createspace Webstore

Or contact me locally for a book!

Gothikar Release Date

Exciting news on the publishing front: Gothikar will be for sale from online vendors tomorrow, January 14, 2014. This includes the Createspace store and the various Amazon websites! The next day, Wednesday, residents of Kelowna BC, or the Quinte West area in Ontario can buy the book in print, from either myself in BC or from my dad. Please email if you’re interested. Kindle has a different review process, so it may not be available until later in the week.

Business aside, I’m thrilled to be bringing the second book to readers. It’s an exciting story that was a lot of work to make, and I look forward to feedback! Here’s the synopsis from the back of the book:

Gothikar is the story of two men, a father and a son; a Prince and a Magician. Together, they will drive the Triumvirate into the crisis that unfolded during Shadow Glyph. They will be influenced by one another, but also by the future they cause.

The father fights a war of justice. A noble heart and wise mind is enough at first, but as the war stretches across decades, he finds himself drawn thin. Above all, he knows he must save the Triumvirate. When the cost for this is his life he can accept it, but when the price for its salvation becomes his soul the lines of what he should do and what he must do become blurred.

The son has his own war, one to destroy the Triumvirate. Raised by the cold war on the home front in his father’s absence, he will be offered chance after chance to save his soul. Unlike his father, he does not hesitate to sacrifice his morality for his cause. His father fights to save the government, while the son fights to undo it.

Gothikar is the tragedy of sacrifice and failure. One of these men’s struggles will be in vain. One of them will emerge victorious. One of them will destroy the Triumvirate.